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IUNVA Post 27 - Portlaoise. serving our soldiers past and present !


Welcome to the website of post 27 ( Portlaoise ) of the Irish United Nations Veterans Association.

I.U.N.V.A. is open to both serving and ex members of the defence forces and the Gardai who have served at least 90 days service on a U.N. mission in a foreign country.


The Irish United Nations Veterans Association (IUNVA) was formed at a meeting in Dublin on February 10th 1990, when an interim committee was formed. The Constitution of the Organisation was ratified at the first Annual General Meeting in October of the same year. The Association has the approval of the Minister of Defence, and is non-denominational, non-political and non-sectarian. Membership is available to any Irish resident who has successfully completed a tour of duty with a UN Force or Organisation, whether he or she is serving or retired. The Association is organised with a National Executive HQ and a number of "Posts" throughout the country.

IUNVA President
Maj. Gen. (Retd.)
V.F. Savino

The HQ is at Arbour House, Mount Temple Road, Dublin 7. Tel: <?XML:NAMESPACE PREFIX = SKYPE />  +353 (0)1 - 679 1262  +353 (0)1 - 679 1262

IUNVA's primary role is providing advice and counselling to members and their families who have been affected by their overseas service. The Association, which is financed by membership fees, voluntary contributions and fundraising, also organises social, cultural and sporting events for its members.

As veterans of U.N. operations world-wide IUNVA will continue to support our soldiers, Gardai and civilian personnel who serve in often dangerous and difficult circumstances. We hope that our country will also keep our traditions of service to peace in being.

We have contributed to over 50 years of peacekeeping with courage and tenacity. Our casualties have been many. Our dead are commemorated at Arbour Hill, and at other locations; but we must also remember the many who have been scarred, both physically and psychologically by their service overseas. We must continue to help these veterans and their families. That is why we were formed - let us not forget them.


Yours in peace,

Maj. Gen. (Retd.) V.F. Savino




IUNVA Post 27 Portlaoise a site for all
Veterans of the United Nations


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