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05th January 2015




Election of post 27 new committee and date of first meeting of the year 2015

25th January 2015




Members of post 27 who attended church collection on Saturday 25th January 2015 where:

Padding canning, Jimmy shields, Michael Coyle, Timmy coughlan, Michael Brophy, Chris Callaghan, Seamus Kelly, Paddy Harding, Patrick McEvoy, Joe Terrett and Dan o Connell.


26th January 2015





Members of post 27 who attended church collection on Sunday 26th January 2015 where:


James Bastick, Thomas Breen, Chris Callaghan, Conny Dunne, Peter early, Tony Flanagan,
Michael Flynn, Patrick Harding, James Hutchinson, Patrick McEvoy, Fred Reilly and

Michael Thompson


18th March 2015


Funeral of Keith Henery


Members of post 27 attended the funeral of Keith Henery in the Curragh Church on 18th and 19th March.

26th March 2015




On Wednesday evening 26/14 our colleague Mr Brian Kiernan rip rosary took place in Maloney's funeral home Mountmellick post 27 attended and on Thursday morning 27/2/15 members of post 27 and post 11 Suncroft did guard of honour out side the church and post members carried his remains into the church and company Brian remains up to the grave yard may he rest in peace.


17th April 2015


Presentation on Unficyp Fifty years of peacekeeping


Post 27 along with other posts got presentation on Unficyp Fifty years of peacekeeping last night 17-4-15 in Laughlin hotel in Portlaoise at 2000hrs by col [retd] George Kerton feed back from the event was well presented and all members of iunva enjoy it after their was coffee and tea and chat with the members over some of the pictures that had been shown.



18th April 2015


Wreath laying ceremony and a silent vigil on the 18th April 2015


Wreath laying ceremony and a silent vigil on the 18th April 2014 at the Defence Forces National Monument to honour our fallen comrades Derek Smallhorne and Thomas Barrett's 34th Anniversary

and to include John O'Mahony.

The Irish United Nations Veterans Association ( IUNVA ) is fully supportive of this Vigil.


Members of Post 27 who attended the ceremony:  Charlie Mott, Michael Thompson, Paddy canning and Paddy Harding



3rd May 2015


Flag Day on Super Value Mountmellick


Members of post 27 who attended the flag day on Saturday the 3rd May 2015 where:


Fred Reilly, James Hutchition, John Molly, Barney Flanagan, Jimmy Shiels and Seamus Kelly.

15th May 2015



 Mountmellick Ceremony


Members of Post 27 who attended the Ceremony in Mountmellick on the 15/5/15 to take down the national flag and the Mountmellick town council flag for the last time after 150 years.
Charlie Mott, Michael Thompson, Paddy canning, Fred Reilly chairman, Christy Maher, Paddy Murray, Archie Rayside, Jimmy Shiels and John Molloy.


18th May 2015


Military Show 2015

Curragh Racecourse, Kildare (10am to 6pm) - Public Visitors.


List of members who attended the Curragh military show Sunday 18/5/15

Paddy canning, Paddy Harding, Jimmy Shiels, Chris Callaghan, Walter Tobin, Cyril Henery,

John Molloy, Seamus Kelly, James Hutchison and Michael Thompson.


25th May 2015


International Veterans Day Parade 2015

Sunday, May 25th, 2015

Limerick International Veterans Day Parade 2015


25th May 2015


IUNVA Wreath Laying Ceremony on Sunday 25th May 2015


Post members attending: Barney Flanagan, Fred O'Reilly, Jimmy Hutchinson, Michael Thompson, Paddy Canning, Tommy Breen, Walter Tobin, Paddy Harding, Peter Early and Richard O'Neill

3rd June 2015









28th June 2015



 Funeral of Paddy Byrne ex. 6 bn Athlone


Members of post 27 who attend the funeral of Paddy Byrne ex. 6 bn Athlone who live in Portlaoise.
Post 27 was join by post 9 post 20 post 11.
Michael Thompson, Paddy Harding, Jimmy Shiels, Fred Reilly, James Hutchison,

Tommy Breen, Joe Terreth, Seamus Kelly, Jim Bastick, Paddy Canning, Connie Dunne, Michael Flynn and John Molloy.


UNVA National Convention hosted by Post 1 in Spa Hotel Lucan Co. Dublin.


Members of post 27 who attended the Convention: Michael Thompson, Charlie Mott,
Paddy canning, Paddy Harding, Barney Flanagan and Fred o Reilly.

5th July 2015


 Silent Vigil


Former members of the Defence Forces will gather at the Anglesea Rd Gate of the RDS for a silent vigil for Smallhorne & Barrett.


10th July 2015


Renaming of the gym in Cathal Brugha Bks


 Members of post 27 who attended of the renaming of the gym in Cathal Brugha Bks Dublin in honour of the late Tpr Anthony Browne bmc rip:
Paddy Harding, James Hutchison,Tommy Breen and Michael Thompson

13th July 2014









 20th July 2015

National Day of Commemoration Kilmainhan 

National Day of Commemoration Kilmainham . A number of invitations are issued to IUNVA by the Taoiseach’s Office, however, if a member goes in uniform he will be allowed in.

Members of post 27 who attended the national day of commemoration at the royal hospital kilmainham:
Paddy Harding, John Molloy, Jimmy shields, Jimmy hutchition and Michael Thompson




Sunday 20th July 2015 Race Day – Military Theme


The Curragh will give their race day on Sunday 20th July a strong military theme to promote the close association between the Defence Forces and the racecourse

Defence Forces race day will feature seven races including the Defence Forces Cup with the Chief of Staff presenting the Cup to the winning owner.


Members of Post 27 who attended the Curragh Race Day were:

Peter Early, Charlie Mott and Christy Rainbow from Post 11

Members who attended the evening part of the Currgah Race Day were:

Mick Thompson, Jimmy Shiels and Richard O'Neill


20th July 2015


Remembrance Mass for the participants of I World War 1914 - 1918


Remembrance Mass in St. Bridges Church Clara - Mass Held in Memory of the participants of War 1914 - 1918.


Members of Post 27 who attended Clara Mass in St. Bridget's Church in memory of the participants of the 1914-1918 War were :

Alberto Candeias, Mick Coyle, Connie Dunne, Paddy Harding, Jimmy Hutchinson,

Sharkey Kelly, John Molloy, Dan O'Connell, Richard O'Neill, Jimmy Shiels and

Mick Thompson


20th July 2015


Post 29 Annual wreath laying ceremony


Post 29 Carlow annual wreath laying ceremony on Sunday 20 July form up at Eire og gaa club o brien rd Carlow mass at church of holy family O Brien road at 12 clock.


26th July 2015

  12th Battalion 75th Anniversary


Any former members of the 12th Battalion wishing to attend should contact Sarsfield Barrack;s tel ph 061 314233.
with there service number rank and date of discharge.
and unit and company discharged from,one does not have to be a member of the 12thh on discharge only to have been a member of the said unit at any time of their service

27th July 2015


 Annual wreath laying ceremony post 20 Mullingar


Annual wreath laying ceremony post 20 Mullingar is Sunday 27 July at 1400 hrs at Ballyglass cemetery


Remembrance Mass in Mullingar attended by Paddy Harding, Jimmy Hutchinson, Richard O Neill

2th August 2015


 Merrion Square 2015.


2 Arty Regt will "Take Post" in Merrion Square on SAT 2 Aug this year, with 27 Inf Bn.
Lt Darragh Coffey & Sgt Gary Egan will be in the lead, and there will be an opportunity to join our Regt Comdr to lay a wreath in memory of those that died in service, or indeed in memory of all soldiers.
Family Members, 2 Arty Association, ONET & IUNVA if interested please contact me on 086 3581634.


3rd August 2015


 commemoration Mass for the Irish people that served and died  in the WW1


Members who attended the mass on Sunday 3 august in commemoration of Irish people that served and died in the WW1 war where: Charlie Mott, Jimmy Shiels and Michael Thompson.


16th November 2015


German Remembrance Day 2015


Every year in November, Germany observes a Day of Remembrance in honour of all victims of the two World Wars. You are kindly invited to take part in the commemoration ceremony to be held in Glencree, Co. Wicklow on Sunday, 16 November 2015.


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