Defence Forces Chief of Staff



Defence Forces
Chief of Staff


Vice Admiral Mark Mellet



Vice Admiral Mellett (DSM) is from Mayo and joined the Navy in 1976. His first Command was the LÉ ORLA in 1992 and he subsequently commanded the LÉ CIARA in 1997 and the Irish Naval Flagship LÉ EITHNE in 2005.

Vice Admiral (VADM) Mellett has held a broad range of appointments in Naval Headquarters and more recently prior to to his appointment as Flag Officer in 2010 he was Officer Commanding Naval Operations Command. VADM Mellett was also Commandant of the Naval College and Associate Head of the National Maritime College of Ireland. Prior to his current position, VADM Mellett was the Deputy Chief of Staff of the Irish Defence Forces where he had responsibility for material and support functions, including personnel, finance and logistics in the Army, Air Corps and Naval Service. He has thirty eight years service, much of it seagoing, including three naval commands.

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    1. The effectiveness, efficiency and economy of the military measures designed to ensure the safety of the State in accordance with Government policy.

    2. Operational deployment of the Defence Forces as authorised by the Minister for Defence.

    3. Operational Control of the Defence Forces as authorised by the Minister for Defence.

    4. Executive management, organisation, training, education and control of the human - resources of the Defence Forces.

    5. Executive management and control of the logistical and other support services of the Defence Forces.

    6. Executive management of Military Intelligence.

    7. Financial Management in the Defence Forces.

    8. Strategic military research, development and planning.

    9. Provision of information, advice and reports to the Minister for Defence as necessary. Representation matters.

    10. To coordinate and create a positive relationship with members of the media and public in general.

    11.The inspection, assessment and audit of the Defence Forces with the object of carrying out the duties assigned to him in regard to effectiveness, efficiency and planning, military organisation and economy.

    12. Executive management of Military Information and Communications Systems.

    13. Any other duty assigned by the Minister for Defence from time to time.


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